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The Subtle Energy Activism Network's focus is to promote healing, using metaphysics, given how we now understand these forces. We acknowledge the power of prayer, intention, meditation and other directed energies as tools for healing. These energy forces, often known as subtle energy, are available for healing of the planet and societies as well as individuals. Healing using metaphysics is not new, but harnessing the power of prayer and the forces of subtle energy and intention for social transformation is.

The Subtle Energy Activism Network is focused on providing a means to network groups and individual practitioners of subtle energy, the power of prayer and intention. In addition to helping create this subtle energy network, the Subtle Energy Activism Network also provides subtle energy training through a variety of means. Subtle energy training can be organized and conducted at a site of your choice (for groups of 10 or more) or you can choose to join already-planned workshops.

We have important work to do to transform our troubled planet and we believe that by fostering this network of subtle energy groups promoting the power of prayer, intention, healing using metaphysics and subtle energy training, we can – together – be part of the change that is so desperately called for.


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